Castlehill and Pittodrie Community council community grants

In October 2016 the Fittie Trust was awarded £400 from Castlehill and Pittodrie community council to fund printing of ‘Fittie calendars‘ as part of a community led fundraising project. For this project village residents contributed photographs of Fittie and village events (current and historical) to a competition to choose images for a Fittie calendar. As well as fundraising and publicising the Trust, this project was designed to encourage involvement from all residents and make a finished product that – as well as sharing our common interest in the village we love – enhances community cohesion. The project was led by volunteers who designed and produced the calendar and even set up a Paypal account for online sales. The initial grant funded a print run of 100 calendars and prize money for ‘best photos’. The calendars were popular both within Fittie and outside and a total of 350 calendars were produced and sold.

In June 2015 Castlehill and Pittodrie community council donated £600 to the Fittie Trust to fund an initial building survey to establish the structural integrity of the Gospel Hall. To aid the survey, a tower scaffold was provided by Aberdeen City Council. The results of this study showed that the building is structurally sound. Provisional costs for both immediate repairs and medium-term repairs (i.e. within 10 years) were determined and showed that reconditioning the current building is a feasible option.