Footdee, or Fittie as it’s known locally, is an historic planned village located on a spit of land at the mouth of Aberdeen Harbour, between the North Sea and the River Dee.

Surrounded by water on three sides Fittie is classed as an urban area, but is separated from Aberdeen city centre and its amenities by a large industrial area incorporating the harbour.

The first recorded reference to the area of Fittie was in 1398 and there has been a settlement here since Medieval times. The village standing today was purpose built in the mid 19th century to re-house Aberdeen’s local fishing community. It was designed by John Smith, the architect responsible for Balmoral Castle. On a map dated 1828, the newly built Fittie Squares and surrounding area were referred to as ‘Fish Town’.  All of Fittie’s houses are built in squares and face inwards with their backs towards the sea. This both protects residents from storms, but also creates a strong sense of community. 

The sea is a constant presence in Fittie. Although no longer part of a fishing community, residents today maintain a strong connection to the sea and harbour. 

Because of the notable history and community found in Fittie, the BBC recorded an hour long documentary about the history of village and its community called ‘The Secret History of Our Streets’ broadcast nationally on BBC2, June 2014.