Fittie Calendar Project

Our not-for-profit charity started the Fittie Calendar project several years ago.

Photos of Fittie and its environs, taken by Fittie residents, friends and family were contributed, and the ones with best resolution for printing were featured in the calendar.After printing costs, all monies went towards the ongoing renovation of the Community Hall.

Trustee, Anne, who organises and manages the calendar project gave her time and energy free of charge!

Very popular with Fittie loons and quines who live overseas, we are pleased to say that Fittie Calendars have hung on walls from Canada to New Zealand and Australia to South Africa.

This year, we would very much like to have the calendar ready for Summer visitors and we are asking all friends of Fittie to consider contributing a high quality photo or two for consideration for Fittie Calendar 2022.

As before, photos should represent a month or a season in Fittie…

All photos should be sent before the end of January 2021 . Email for more information.