Directions to Fittie Community Hall 

By Foot

From the Train / Bus station

  • Start Point: Aberdeen Train Station / Aberdeen Bus Station
  • Time: 25 minutes
  • Points of Interest: Shiprow, Maritime Museum, Aberdeen Harbour, the Fittie Bar 

Cross to the other side of Guild Street as you exit the station and turn right. Continue until the junction at Market Street. Turn left up Market Street and then cross over at the traffic lights. Shiprow will be just to your right, follow this street. When you see the maritime museum on your left, turn right and then left along Virginia Street. Continue until the traffic lights, cross and continue until you reach Regent Quay. Keep walking for about 10 minutes along Regent Quay and onto Waterloo Quay. Turn left onto Wellington Street. The Fittie Bar will be on your right. Continue past St Clement Street and turn right onto York Street. Continue down York Street until you reach the Esplanade. Cross over the Esplanade onto New Pier Road and continue until you reach the hall which will be on your right (about halfway down). 

From Marischal College

  • Start Point: Marischal College
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Points of Interest: Codonas Theme Park, Aberdeen Beach, Scot Surf School, Public toilets

From Marischal College, turn right and walk down Broad Street to Union Street. Cross over to the other side of Union Street and continue left onto the pedestrian zone, crossing over Marischal Street on the way. Continue in the same direction onto Justice Street. This will bring you to a roundabout. Follow the pavement around the corner to a zebra crossing and cross over. Follow the pavement to the left around a corner leading you to Beach Boulevard. Continue down Beach Boulevard until you reach the sea front, at which point turn right continue for around 10 minutes. Follow the Esplanade round to the right after you reach the public toilets. Turn left onto New Pier Road and continue. The hall is about halfway down New Pier Road.

By Bike

At current there is not a designated bike rail at the Hall. However, there are some bike rails on the Esplanade next to the public toilets just a few minutes walk from the Community Hall. 

  • Start Point: Union Street (Various Points)
  • Time: 25 minutes
  • Points of Interest: Shiprow, Maritime Museum, Aberdeen Harbour, the Fittie Bar 

Cycling down Union Street, head towards Castlegate. Before the road turns to the left onto King Street, take a right down Marischal Street. Continue down Marischal Street to Regent Quay. Turn left onto Regent Quay and continue on this road, which will shortly morph into Waterloo Quay. Follow the road to the left onto York Place. Stop at the junction and turn right onto York Street until you reach a junction. Turn left at the junction and, when it is safe to do so, cross over to the pavement when you reach the public toilets. The bike rails are just to the left. To get the Fittie Community Hall from here, turn back towards York Street but take a left down New Pier Road instead of crossing over. The hall is a about halfway down this road. 

By Bus

Monday – Friday

There is a limited bus service to Aberdeen Beach and Fittie.

See the timetable for First Bus no 13.

By Car

Parking in and around Fittie is limited and primarily used by Fittie residents. Sometimes there is space on New Pier Road, or Pocra Quay, otherwise look to park on the sea front or nearby Beach Boulevard Retail Park.