Community hall meeting and plant sale -June

Fittie Community Development Trust invites all neighbours to view and
contribute ideas to draft architect plans for the Fittie Community Hall. The meeting
will be held at the Gospel Hall on New Pier Road on Saturday, 10th June. Come along
anytime between 10.30 and 12 noon.

Fittie Trust Festive Coffee Morning

On the 17th December the Fittie Trust hosted a home bakes and coffee morning to celebrate the festive holidays.  The event was attended by Fittie residents and families as well as visitors to the village. Biscuits and cakes were baked locally by residents and lots of volunteers helped serve tea and coffee throughout the morning as well as all the hard work setting up and tidying away.

Because the village currently has no community venue, a local church was hired for the event using funds from Aberdeen City Council’s festive fund. The event was a great success with lots of guests, many biscuits eaten and merry music to get everyone in the festive mood.

The Fittie Trust used this event as an opportunity to share updates about the community hall project and listen to villager’s comments and suggestions on the plans so far. Posters were used to share information about the progression of the project and show architects designs for the proposed renovations. Board members and volunteers discussed plans with guests and a suggestion box was available for ideas.

A poster was also presented by volunteers from the Fittie Gardening Group, who used this event to locate areas of the village that residents would like tidied and brightened up. Post-it notes were available to add suggestions to a map of the village. Maps of the Gospel Hall garden were also available for people to sketch ideas for what they would like to see in a community garden.

Volunteers from the Fittie Calendar project used the Festive event to sell their remaining Fittie calendars before the end of the year.

Fittie Beach Blog – October

This blog is about Fittie Beach, Aberdeen. Many villagers have dogs and use the beach most days, in all weathers. The beach is always changing, and there’s a huge variety of stuff that gets washed up. It’s a great place to live.


The sand on the beach is the highest level I’ve ever seen it, in four and a half years of living here. We had a good deposit of Fittie beach ‘sea coal’ the other day – I’ll save that story for another time! Today along the strand line there’s a lot of pink, spongy looking things, up to about 10 cm across although most are about half that. I think these are from a coral called Dead Man’s Fingers (Alcyonium digitatum), but can’t find a picture that matches any of these in the text books.


In the cold light of day, they can look quite gruesome – not just their shapes, but their fleshy colours too. It’s odd how they seem to get washed up en masse, as if some localised turbulent disaster has dislodged them all from the sea bed. The dead crabs seem to get washed up in batches too.


Dave Healy

Results of Boat Naming Competition!

Congratulations to Kristofer, aged 4, whose name “Seashell” was chosen for the play boat!

Fittie Community Development Trust hosted its first official event on Saturday 17th September. The Family Play Day event was designed to celebrate the ongoing development of Fittie Play Park and the recent installation of our impressive new play boat, funded by Aberdeen City Council. The Play Day activities were resourced and organised by The Play Forum and one of the key activities of the day’s events was a ‘Boat Naming’ competition for children under twelve years of age.

Fittie Play park was looking its very best on the day; the area was surrounded with flags and bunting lent to us by the local Sea Cadets and the sun shone down on children, parents and volunteers as they enjoyed using the park for what it was designed for-supporting children’s play.

The event was well attended and enjoyed by both local families and visitors to the area. Around sixty possible names for our boat were submitted to the Play Forum and these were given to Castlehill and Pittodrie Community Council to select the winner. On a vote, the winning name was declared as “Seashell’, submitted by Kristofer, aged 4. On receiving a phone call with the news, both Kristofer and his mother were delighted, saying that they’d never won anything before!

Kristofer was sent a book token to the value of twenty pounds from Waterstone’s, donated by Castehill and Pittodrie Community Council.

Thank you to all who gave their time, energy and goodwill to this successful and enjoyable community event.

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